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5.5” Circle Vehicle Magnets for Ashmont Nursery School has created awesome 5.5” Circle Magnets for Ashmont Nursery School in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Our magnets have amazing sticking power, and are UV coated to prevent fading, making them perfect for outdoor use… Continue reading

Bumper’s Tips for Applying Bumper Stickers or Magnets to your Car!

At, we take pride in our products and even though our stickers are removable, they are very sticky and should have no problem staying on your car for as long as you… Continue reading

Permalink has released our new site! It has a great selection of easy to remove vehicle stickers, decals and vehicle magnets, which are way better than those permanent stickers than can damage… Continue reading

Removable Bumper Stickers on Facebook!

View products from on Facebook! Just go to our fan page and click on the Products tab on the left side of the page.

Political Campaign Removable Bumper Stickers

Don’t make your campaign supporters damage their cars paint or finish by giving them non removable permanent bumper stickers…besides what’s more “tackier” than driving around with a bumper sticker representing someone who campaigned… Continue reading

Removable Bumper Stickers! is officially “LIVE”! For a limited time only, receive $10 off any order…on top of FREE SHIPPING, and FREE CUSTOM DESIGN! Help us get the word out on Bumper’s totally awesome site…!

VividDesignWorks has Promotional Products

Do you need your logo printed on “stuff”? Starting in 2011, VividDesignWorks started their promotional product division called If you need anything such as Business Cards, Pens, Notepads, Mugs, etc…just let us… Continue reading

Bumper Sticker Design for! has finished the bumper sticker design for! They have also placed an order for the bumper stickers through our Promotional Product website, And yes…these bumper stickers are made in America!