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Economy 2.5×8.625 Inch Removable Rectangle Stickers for

BeatsMe! They are a new software system and social media platform for live music that allows DJs, producers and fans to connect and interact in real-­time. BeatsMe is comprised of two distinct but… Continue reading

5 Inch Circle Magnets for Club Metro in Marlton, NJ by

Have multiple designs for your removable stickers or magnets? No need to pick just one, you can have them all in one convenient order since we gladly provide copy changes. We also do… Continue reading

5 Inch Removable Circle Decals for Jerry V. Teplitz Enterprises

5 Inch Removable Circle Decals work great on cars and windows. Thank you Jerry V. Teplitz Enterprises for your sticker order with  

6×4 Inch Oval Magnets for the Madison County Touchdown Club in Huntsville Alabama

6×4 Inch Oval Magnets for the Madison County Touchdown Club in Huntsville Alabama…Thanks for your order with!

5 Inch Circle Car Magnets for Bird Down

5 Inch Circle Car Magnets for Bird Down. This is a project from Deer Down…see their FB page at Thank you for your order with!  

Removable Stickers and Vehicle Magnets for Bill Truex

It’s political madness, and we have the perfect products for campaign runners to promote themselves…removable bumper stickers and vehicle magnets…thank you Bill Truex for your order with!

Removable Circle Bumper Stickers for Josh Houston / School Board

Josh Houston for School Board…the great thing about removable vehicle stickers, is that people will actually use them compared to permanent bumper stickers! See our line at

6” Circle Vehicle Magnets for Steve Smith

Magnets make a perfect product for your next political event. Check our products out at

Custom Notepads and Pens for EBA, Employee Benefit Advisors of Norman, Okalahoma

VividDesignWorks does more than just bumper stickers and vehicle magnets…we have a whole website dedicated to putting your logo on stuff, Just a few of those items are Pens and Notepad…we’d like to… Continue reading

Another Custom 6″ Circle Car Magnet order…Unity Christian School

We’d like to thank Unity Christian School for your order with!

4×6 Oval Bumper Stickers for North Star Orchard in Southeastern Pennsylvania

They are a small farm specializing in unique varieties of high-quality fruit, and work hard to farm in a manner as sustainable and safe as possible…sounds awesome to me! Learn more about them… Continue reading

Corpus Christi Women’s Bible Study (CCWBS) – 6×4 Oval Car Magnets

We want to thank Jane with Corpus Christi Women’s Bible Study (CCWBS) for your order of 6×4 Oval Car Magnets with Learn more about them at

Custom Removable Stickers and Vehicle Magnets are great for Fundraisers and Awareness Causes

Custom Removable Stickers and Vehicle Magnets are a great way to help support a good cause…!

May is Customer Appreciation Month for

Bumper just came out and said “May will officially be Customer Appreciation Month for“. So there you have it my friends, you’ll save $20 bucks off your next order…just use the promo code… Continue reading

Circle, Oval or Rectangle Vehicle Magnets

…don’t know which one you want, then how about letting create proofs for you on each shape so that you can have an easier time deciding. We always provide free artwork and unlimited… Continue reading

Light Bulb Shaped Promotional Magnets for Rayco Electric

Not all our magnets are for outdoor use…we have a huge selection of regular promotional magnets in many different shapes and sizes…such as light bulbs, check them out at We’d like to… Continue reading

Oval Fundraiser Magnets for Tumor Troopers /

Hey Anderson, can you find the magnet for Tumor Troopers? Learn more about this amazing organization at!

4×6 Inch Removable Bumper Stickers for Esme’s Heart

Yep that Esme from Twilight…Esme’s Heart is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to accomplish acts of love with a heart like Esme…Thank you for your order with! Learn more about Esme’s… Continue reading

8.5 Inch Removable Circle Stickers for Dolan Mechanical, Inc. of Sicklerville, NJ

We provide free artwork design and touch-up services on all orders, and make sure that if you submit artwork for an order, that it will print perfectly on all our sticker and magnet… Continue reading

6×4 Oval Magnets for RMY Swim Team

Here’s another great design by one of our customers. Thank you RMY Swim Team for your order of 6×4 Oval Magnets with!